Bathroom Cupboards & Benchtops

  • November 28, 2018

Let SSS Kitchen & Bathroom Painting refurbish your existing Bathroom cupboards and bench-tops to look new again with the latest technology in resurfacing. You can choose from the largest range of contemporary colours and effects available on the market today. Utilising the latest technology and products in resurfacing available we respray your cupboards and counter tops in one day at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Don’t waste money on ripping out your old cupboards and bench-top and the costly messy process of replacing it when we can simply respray the bench-tops with a hard durable surface will last over 10 years.

We will get your cupboards and bench-tops looking like new showpieces again that will impress your friends and make you feel like cooking!


Why Have Your Cupboards and Bench-top Professionally Resurfaced?

Your Cupboards and bench-tops are a vital part of the Bathroom and home. It not only needs to be fashionable, but durable enough to take everyday use.

Without even painting or buying new appliances a professionally resurfaced bench-top can make a kitchen seem larger, brighter and more usable than ever before.

A worn out bench-top with cracks and pitted areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria that is unhealthy for your family. Regular household cleaning is not enough once the surface is worn away, and DIY kits don’t work, and inappropriate products applied by inexperienced people are a nightmare. Only products specific for bench-top resurfacing applied correctly will give you that long lasting finish you are looking for and SSS Kitchen & Bathroom Painting backs all their work with written warranties and is the name you can trust for rejuvenating your bathroom cupboards and bench-tops.